Sunday, June 23, 2013

Witch's Wishing Well Spell

Take a bowl of whatever you may choose and fill half way with water.
On the night of the Full Moon, take outside in the light of the moon so the Moon Goddess may bless your "wish".
Take something of value to you, has to be small. Like a favorite coin or crystal or whatever and charge your token with your hearts wish or desire.
Toss the magickally charged token into the water and leave outside all night for the Goddess to Bless.
You can leave the witches well outside or may bring indoors. 
Leave your token in their as a "sacrifice" to the Gods. Once you take it out the spell is over.
You can decorate your "witches well" if you like or leave plain.
Have fun and Goddess Bless....

Summer Solstice Remembered...

I think we all had a wonderful time and the weather decided to hold off witch we are grateful for. The meal was awesome and circle was fun with the meeting dance going off with little practice,lol...
Full moon is tonight so spread a little of your magick and thank the gods for their many blessings. We love all of you and feel we are very blessed to belong to a coven such as all of ours.

Gerald Gardner Biography

This is a good video from you tube talking about Gardner and the early days of modern wicca. I highly recommend viewing it. Also, Oath Bound Secrets is a great channel from a traditional Alexandrian witch.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Solstice

We will start around 3 at the covenstead. Pools open and nothing like a game of badminton or pool volleyball. Menu of grilled chicken, bbq baked beans, and grilled corn.
We will have circle later that night and a solstice bonfire lighting afterwards.