Saturday, December 27, 2014

January's Esbat

We will meet at the covenstead on Saturday, January 3, for our monthly meeting. We will plan our 2015 meeting dates and tie in a New Years circle/party as well. Plan on being here by 7 please. Any questions, please call. We hope ya'lls holidays were simply the best and we look forward to seeing everyone..We miss ya'll...Brightest Blessings as always...

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pan the Man

....hey come on join the traveler
if ya got know where to go...
hang your head 
and take my hand,
its the Only road I know...

The Red Witch - The Calling

Kai Altair - Here She Comes

Who knows?

Who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows, only time
And who can say if your love grows,
As your heart chose, only time.

Who can say why your heart sighs
As your love flies, only time.
And who can say why your heart cries
When your love lies, only time.

Who can say when the roads meet
that love might be in your heart
And who can say when the day sleeps
If the night keeps all your heart

Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose
Only time
Who knows,
Only time....

<beautiful lyrics of Enya's...>

to witch I can only add..."mes nuit son plus belles que vos jours"

Samhain 2012 remembered

This pic was taken at Lady B's house at Samhain 2012. Beautiful ain't it...Good times that night as I recall..
Hell I never know what pics to use on these posts, I was just looking through some and seen this one and decided to post it..maybe I should add one of them picture sideshow thingies on the site somewhere..

God rest ye merry gentlemen...????

That time of the season again, you know, fall and winter, time to rest and recover. Time for planning the coming year and all that good stuff we are taught and witness within others...but it never ever has happened for me.

Maybe its the hyper thing, or just my chemical make-up...hell if i know. I do know that this past year, Lady A and I took a lot on in the gardens and it consumed a lot of our time this past spring and summer. We tried a few new crops and experimented with different soil compositions in brand new beds that we had built in the spring, plus we got us the 4 most beautiful baby hens in the world and we love them dearly. (and I had no experience in building a hen house but we did it!) Yeah, we been busy...

Maybe its cause i'm getting older, <big 43>, but this past summer drained me down. Dam right it was hot, this is south Georgia ya know, but it nearly killed my appetite, lost 20 lbs that I didn't need too, got name it...

We learned a lot for next year with our new garden beds, sure, we will plan etc etc...
But, I wish I could learn to be still, to be quiet, to relax and contemplate during this "off" season. I got new books stacked where I just haven't had the time to digest them all yet. Maybe this will be the winter where I learn to just say no and instead slow the hell down and take in the beauty that is winter. I ain't saying cold weather cause I will always hate the cold, I am a southerner down to my blood, lol...

Anyways, I do hope we all slow down this winter and just enjoy our life, and our loves...and god rest ye merry

Sunday, November 2, 2014

O Blessed Be...

Samhain 2014 was simply a blast!! We think everyone had a good time. Spells were cast, magick shared, ancestors honored, and plenty of laughter in between.

We will use our November esbat for Yule Log decorating and decorations for our coven's Yule tree. Little spiked cider and sum eggnog and we will call it a party,lol... 

The knot/not spell

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Samhain all and hope to see you tomorrow for the Sabbat...

Monday, October 13, 2014

A big thanks...

Thanks to all who made it Saturday! We all had a great time and we are looking forward to Samhain...

We ask that our dedicants arrive by 6pm please. We will have circle set up and can answer questions then.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

They say your beautiful,
and they'll always let you in
but doors are never open,
to the child without a trace of sin
sail away,
all the fools sailed away...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some dreams are in the night time
And some seem like yesterday
But leaves turn brown and fade
Ships sail away
You long to say a thousand words
But seasons change

It feels like it's forever
No reason for emptiness
But time just runs away
No more day by day
You dream again it seems in vain
When seasons change

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 11 Coven Meeting Info

The Oct. 11th meeting has been changed to an open circle get together so Lady V and Lady T can meet the others in our merry lil circle. We are planning on a 6pm start. We have poppets to make, mojo bags to build and witch ladders to bless..all in preparation for our Samhain Sabbat coming round the corner.
We are planning on just finger foods to munch on while we craft and chat.. Any questions just call..Blessed Be ya'll...

(..."he said Sara, 
you are the poet in my heart,
never change - never stop.
But now it's gone,
it doesn't matter what for,
but when you build your house
then call me home"...)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Welcome Lady V and Lady T

The Coven of Aradia would like to welcome these two ladies who we have met and both wish to begin their year and a day!!! And all this within a week's time, awesome.. We witch them well and offer the brightest blessings to each as they begin their journey...

"drink deep of the wine, we are divine, we are now and forever.."

Inkubus Sukkubus - Bacchanalia...awesome song

The Ancient Arts of Witchcraft [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hmmm....let's be

So I have a new book that I just begun reading witch deals with teaching within a coven or solitary environment for want of a better word. So far so good, the author surely knows her witchcraft and has listed her steps in teaching others, either "newbie's" or those witching to join a particular coven or tradition after gaining a background or 101 themselves. If she can describe all of the actual pleasures or aches and pains that come with trying to "teach" or bring someone up to the point of an initiation, then I will recommend this book. Its very hard to describe all of the emotions one feels....
Reading the book so far almost makes me cry and laugh at the same time sometimes. Her experiences are like my own in many ways and many can share her points of view if they try and teach others...

I remember reading a book in my collection by a "former" wiccan who turned into some defunct Catholic wanna-be convert named A.J. Drew who at one time actually wrote a few good books on Wicca. Anywho, in this one book of his, "A Wiccan Bible", he begins by talking about basically his daily routine witch is like a ritual for him, but it is so well written and so humble that it pulled me into the rest of the book. See, that lil morning daily ritual of his WAS a magickal simple yet so meaningful to him at that time. About halfway in the book I think he makes a few statements about teaching or working within a group or coven that also hit home much like this new book I'm reading.

Wicca, at least this modern day understanding of make it up or do what ya feel like and call it Wicca, for me, is the hardest thing for traditionals to even rationalize much less except or talk about without becoming sick on their stomach. To me, the problem is that most traditional wiccans/witches are over the age of 40 and have a very low tolerance for bullshit or excuses or "fluffy-ness". We are more grounded in our beliefs, more settled financially and did not come up in the digital age with our faces in some cellphone. Our books were by traditional authors and not the insta-pop-wicca you see in bookstores today. We are certainly more open and honest and that has bitten me at times with those who leave or decide its not for them and don't return books that were lent to them....I read a comment the other day from some "teen witch" who went to a festival and felt that the trads were snobby or more guarded, hell I wonder why...

The older one gets, the more their witchcraft matures within them, something witch the younger generation of today will never experience for the most part. It seems at times that know matter how one tries to explain in advance or teach about their circles beliefs or practices that some just don't get it.
I also understand why many of the wiser and older traditionals just simply quit bothering with trying to help or even want their coven to grow. To my knowledge, the original Bricket Wood Coven of Gardner and Valiente fame has not accepted nor taught outside their circle since the late 70's. There is wisdom in age...

For some strange reason while writing this missive, the band Firefalls old song kept playing in my head witch goes a lil like this..."just remember I love you and it will be all right"

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Occult Experience (1985) A CLASSIC!!!


I am reading this book, "Shadows of a Witch", by Shewolf Silver Shadows, and part of this excellent grimoire of all things wiccan and witchcraft deals with the darker aspects of witchcraft and shadow work. The "grey" area of enlightenment where we acknowledge both the light and the dark, the positive and negative within all things, including witches.
Often times <too many times imo>, modern day wicca is perceived as light or fluffy or all smiles and no frown and so on, you are aware of what i'm talking about, lol. For some this is true and if that is the path you wish to trod, then Do What Thou Will by all means. For some, we recognize the balance between forces, we are not perfect and we learn and teach on a daily basis from lessons learned in shadow work and the very bowels of shaman-ism itself.
There are many ways to begin shadow work, each way unique and personal, as all shadow work is. I strongly suggest a firm knowledge on the subject before beginning and an idea of which technique you will use.
This book is an all in one for sure and very large but worth it just for reference alone if anything...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pagan Pride 2014

Savannah Pagan Pride 2014

Savannah Pagan Pride Day 2014 will be held on Saturday, September 27, at the same park it normally is held at. The event is from 12-6pm. We plan on going and anyone that would like to ride with us is more than welcome, please just let us know in advance. The event is free and fun!
Look them up on facebook if you wish

Season's Change, So Why Not We....

There are some much needed and very good idea's for the coming Wiccan year witch we will discuss at our October Full Moon coven meeting at the covenstead on Oct. 11.
Mabon, being our "pagan thanksgiving", has provided a bounty of fresh and innovative idea's witch, if approved, I feel will add to our circles and training.
Change is not always a bad thing, even among the traditional witches, and NO, we ain't going

Friday, September 12, 2014

Please all be in Prayer

One of our own has lost her father. We ask all to pray and keep her in your thoughts at this trying time. Casting our love your way Lady S....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oft asked questions answered

We often get emails from other pagans out there in our area who are interested in our circle and maybe wishes to join one day. As we often find out, many are simply just new to the craft and don't really have the knowledge yet to understand certain key wiccan terms. Lots of questions are always welcome but I wonder if I can't just list a few of the oft asked questions and answer them here so prospective students can have a better understanding of how our coven works and runs. Here goes...

1) We are a traditional-minded coven (think Gardnerian Wicca). YES, we do work skyclad during closed circles. If this offends you, then you are looking at the wrong circle to join.
2) We do have open circles if the need arises, we have no problem with eclectics or any of the newer wiccan fads, we just won't change ours.
3) Although the circle has their own god/dess that we use, you are encouraged to have your own personal deities if you wish.
4) We try and follow the year and a day calender for students but we don't see a need to work off some calender date exclusively.
5) We do have a priest and a priestess. They do not think they are god nor do they act like they are. An initiated witch is the same as any other. We don't do ego's here.
6) We only do one degree and one initiation. I just don't feel I am qualified to tell another what "degree" some witch is. We feel that once the basics are covered and trust is established, initiate and allow the witch to grow on their own. You can't degree experience...
7) If you have body image issues or christian baggage hanging off ya, then you are not ready for traditional witchcraft, sorry...
8) Yes, we laugh a lot in circle, you should to.
9) There is absolutely nothing to worry about, perfect love and perfect trust...
10) Learn the Charge of the Goddess, its a wealth of knowledge...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wiccan? Witch? What?

This is my take on the differences of the two names.
A Wiccan is someone who follows a path that is based upon the Gardnerian tradition in some form, know matter the many changes that have occurred since the original. A Wiccan is a witch and one who practices witchcraft in some form. You cannot claim to be wiccan and not practice witchcraft.
A witch does not have to be wiccan or of any path or set of beliefs. A witch can be of many faiths and practice their craft. In this sense, the word witch is used generically to define one who practices witchcraft.

Now within Wicca itself, I define it as traditional and non-traditional with traditional being based very closely to Gardnerian Wicca and non-traditional meaning more of the newer trads and brands of eclectic wicca.
Although I am traditional, I don't look down upon eclectic's nor do I believe mines better than theirs, etc.

P.S. I also think that if you don't truly know the biggest difference between trad and non-trad then you don't know your Wicca very well, lol...

Summer Solstice Sabbat

Litha will be held at the covenstead this year on Saturday June 21.
We will have a low country boil w/ grilled stuffed jalapeƱo peppers.
Pool and badminton will be open.
Sabbat Rite that night, both indoor and outdoor ritual.
Blessed Be... 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

 We decided after last night's esbat to have one more circle before Ostara on March 8 at the covenstead. We will begin by making some herbal salves and ointments and solidify our plans for the upcoming sabbat. We can just order in instead of planning any meal because of craftwork going on. The spring equinox is upon us once again, may yours be positively witchy...
Blessed Be all

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Imbolc Fires and Witch Introspection

As wiccans and witches, we light the fires at Imbolc to herald in the return of spring, of warmth, and of life. We use these "dark" times now to regroup, to rest, and to plan ahead for the coming year, or should. 

As I look back upon 2013, I remember the weather and how it affected several of our coven's sabbat plans and how even the best laid plans can go south. I think of the trials of life that we all must face and how several of us had much to bear on our shoulders with family and sickness and work. There is much out there that can sometimes cause us to stumble, to give up, or to regret.

Life does seem to have a funny way of throwing that curve ball when we least need it. We witches weave our magick and chant our spells in the hopes for a better today and a better tomorrow. We come together to celebrate our sabbats, our love for one another, our trust and faith in our circle.

Yet this wintertime season, I find myself looking at the upcoming year, the things our coven want to accomplish, so I try and plan. We have all of our circle dates established for the upcoming year. We know the festivals we are planning on attending and the classes we want to attend. I feel this year will be a very "inward" year for our circle, with much meditation and knowledge and growth within each other.

We are not planning on any open circles for 2014, except festivals, nor do we plan to take any seekers. We plan on working our tradition and path and becoming stronger and increasing our knowledge by study and practice and magick. We respect everyones path and way of spirituality yet we see no sense in changing ours nor will we.

So take these "dark" times now and rest but use this time wisely. Sow your seeds well and stir thy cauldron frequently.

We exist within ourselves, alone...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our Imbolc Sabbat (da details)

After a very good and productive January meeting we have decided to have a "split" circle for Imbolc. We plan to open circle inside then continue with an outdoor bonfire and rite, and then close circle back inside.

We will meet no later than 7pm on 1 Feb. at the covenstead. 

This will be a closed circle. We will contact individually with more info. 

Blessed Be everyone...