Friday, October 30, 2015

A Samhain Tarot Spread

A Samhain Chant

The Witching Hour

Live the night witches

Tomorrow is Halloween, Samhain to us. It is OUR holiday, it is OUR day, it is OUR night. Lady A and I both hope that you all have the very best Samhain Sabbat possible. We wish you all a most wicked night and we truly wish all your magick comes alive on this most magickal of days. It is our Halloween, live it like you mean it witches! Brightest Blessings and a most Happy Samhain!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Lady J

Happy belated Birthday to Lady J, we are very sorry we forgot to post. We hope your special day was magickal and we love you dearly. Brightest Blessings, IO Pan


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Full Moon info

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October's Blood Moon

Tomorrow's full moon and it's another blood moon, what better time for magick and mischief before our Samhain Sabbat. The weather for Samhain is expected to be perfect although it may rain tomorrow. We still plan to be out enjoying our esbat and casting our spells. We hope you all enjoy the blood moon, BB

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where has it gone Charlie Brown?

It is no secret that my path as a witch began as a child on Halloween, it probably has for many of us. I was a young child of the 70's, i lived in a small town where many still decorated and participated in trick or treating, scary houses, decorations, and all the good things that Halloween is suppose to be about. I remember the cartoon Halloween specials, Charlie Brown being my favorite (and still is), and I remember the smell in the air with the changing of the seasons. Halloween was a magickal time back then in the eyes of a child, the dressing up in costumes, the candy and carnivals.

Yet, I drive around my town now and I see very few who still decorate. The people back then who did have either gotten too old, or have died and this younger generation does not take the time to buy candy to give out to others on this one time of the year. We live in the selfish, me culture now and the children of today are the ones who suffer from lack of knowing what Halloween is all about, or at least what it was when I was a child. I wonder how many people who call themsleves wiccan/witch/pagan even pass out candy to youngsters also wanting to enjoy trick or treating as we did so many years ago? I probably would not even want to know...sad really

For over 25 years my family had the halloween stop in my hometown. We decorated, had the scary house, the scary people, the decorations, the candy, you name it... We had generations who brought their kids here because they knew we were safe, fun and also because the parents wanted their kids to experience what they had when they were kids. It was magickal and we enjoyed it, but we had to stop it a few years back. Why. because of very unruly teenagers, unaccompanied by decent parents, profanity, stun guns, the whole crap became sickening to us, ruined it for the smaller kids who wore costumes and whos parents wanted them to come. We still pass out candy, we haven't quit that at least, if only for the small ones, the ones who matter.

It's sad that Halloween has become what it has in America today, sad that this country has degenerated to its present state, our children have no great pumpkin, just some crack houses down the block and they probably ain't passing out candy, least not the kind suitable...

Blessed Samhain! )0(

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Samhain Eve by Ms. Doreen

Can You?

My kinda Peace

Samhain Magick

It's near witches

Just over a week away now and Samhain will be upon us. We are so ready for our Sabbat and Witches New Year circle. It will be the very witchy time of night when we will honor our ancestors and cast our magick once again. We hope you all are making preparations for this most important Wiccan holiday and that your own circles are blessed by the Gods and your spells bring fruition into the coming New Year...Blessed Be

Fall Blessings

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lament of Religion or Spirituality

I was reading an article the other day from the Patheos channel and the discussion was on whether or not Wicca was increasing or decreasing as a religion. I really can't tell how anyone could honestly answer the question because so many of today's wiccans are solitary and it's not like we have some roll call where we could actually tell how many we are to begin with. I think the amount of honest, true wiccans are probably the same, I don't think we have grown. It's not the religions fault, no more than it is the christian religions fault that it is losing members, or for that matter spirituality as a whole in this country.

No, I think the problem is not religion, but the people of today's times. We live in a totally different world than we did even 20 years ago. The idea of true parenting disappeared around that time and the result is what we have now, generations with no spirituality at all...but they got a smart phone or some video game console so they think they OK...right... The effects of even 3 generations that have been half-ass ed raised this way is clearly evident, just go to a Wal-Mart if you don't believe me.

I don't really see any religion in this country growing, we live in a godless society fueled by Hollywood and sports entertainment, and this is sad. There is no fix for this either, no revival of spirituality of any kind, this country is too far gone, like most of the rest of this world...the fault is all ours, and what we raised up, or didn't for that matter. For Wicca, I see in the future a return to the broom closet, a more private, spiritual affair for the ones who truly are what they say they are. I think the fluffys will turn somewhere else, and the 90's "do whatever wicca" will finally be a distant horrible memory. The traditional covens will continue as they have in the past and the solitarys will follow more closely to traditional wiccan guidelines.

I've seen my share of wanna-be's, i say good riddance. Now that Lady A and I practice alone, we don't have to deal with all the bullshit that comes with see, a broom closet is a good place to be, we are not hiding our light, we just don't feel like sharing it. We feel many out there have done the same for whatever reason and found the peace that comes from it also. I can't help the loss of this country's spirituality in whatever form, but we will continue to exist as we have with our beliefs in tact. BB

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Samhain Ramblings

For the witches sabbat of Samhain, we celebrate the passing of our ancestors, the last of the harvests, and the welcoming of the veil when it is the thinnest, when the magick is the greatest. So let the magick flow from you and release all the negativity within. Let your emotions bring the power needed for your Samhain magick, I know we will...

Release your past and all the negative emotions that may haunt you still. You see, people will only fail you, like some prerequisite for living in today's times. Dishonesty, cheaters, liars, fake, you name it. Release all the bad from the past year and pour it out onto your Samhain Sabbat, let it all go. It's the witches New Year, start afresh and learn from any mistakes made from this past year, release any and all that holds you back, do what thou will dammit!

We in our circle release all that has hindered, that has become an untruth, that is simply just a waste of our time. 

Ignorance is bliss...

So very true

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Early October

We had us a nice bonfire last night, the weather was perfect! Danced, drank and had us a good time welcoming in this beautiful Fall and Ga. Southern winning thats cause for celebration any day for me, lol.

For us, the Samhain season is already here, Lady A has been decorating our home and it looks marvelous inside. We love to decorate our home by the season's and she does a great job. Our gardens are doing great with our fall/winter crops coming along nicely, the bok choi and turnips are really taking off and our pumpkins look awesome. I swear I had no idea you could grow brussel sprouts in south Ga. but ours are marching along nicely and god I just eat em raw off the stalk.

Samhain is on a Saturday this year witch is both a blessing and a lil curse. A lil curse cause we will have trick o' treaters till well after 9 cause its a weekend witch means our sabbat will begin late. Well, Samhain is suppose to be at night imo, but I wish we could at least begin earlier and carry on through the nighttime, and o it will...believe that.

 We have spent alot of time this past spring and summer in the shade garden cause this is our focal point when we do outdoor rituals. Our ivy has grown nicely along our tall fence and very soon it will be covered like the rest of the yard. We have laid statues and flower beds, redone the entire shade tent with walls and carpet. Our outdoor lanterns look great when lit in the dark. We keep our witch's ladder hung in the there also and now just use our own chickens and ducks feathers when we use it. We have also transplanted moss into the bare areas and it is spreading nicely into a thick green carpet throughout the shade garden. There is still much to be done to turn it into our vision...

Samhain always seem the most witchy time of the year, from decorations to the fall season to the very air it seems. We hope all are planning their own Samhain circles now and enjoying this most festive time of the year. Brightest blessings always...

Samhain Eve by Damh The Bard

The Sound Of Silence

Riders on the Storm

O God I do miss you