Sunday, September 28, 2014

Welcome Lady V and Lady T

The Coven of Aradia would like to welcome these two ladies who we have met and both wish to begin their year and a day!!! And all this within a week's time, awesome.. We witch them well and offer the brightest blessings to each as they begin their journey...

"drink deep of the wine, we are divine, we are now and forever.."

Inkubus Sukkubus - Bacchanalia...awesome song

The Ancient Arts of Witchcraft [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hmmm....let's be

So I have a new book that I just begun reading witch deals with teaching within a coven or solitary environment for want of a better word. So far so good, the author surely knows her witchcraft and has listed her steps in teaching others, either "newbie's" or those witching to join a particular coven or tradition after gaining a background or 101 themselves. If she can describe all of the actual pleasures or aches and pains that come with trying to "teach" or bring someone up to the point of an initiation, then I will recommend this book. Its very hard to describe all of the emotions one feels....
Reading the book so far almost makes me cry and laugh at the same time sometimes. Her experiences are like my own in many ways and many can share her points of view if they try and teach others...

I remember reading a book in my collection by a "former" wiccan who turned into some defunct Catholic wanna-be convert named A.J. Drew who at one time actually wrote a few good books on Wicca. Anywho, in this one book of his, "A Wiccan Bible", he begins by talking about basically his daily routine witch is like a ritual for him, but it is so well written and so humble that it pulled me into the rest of the book. See, that lil morning daily ritual of his WAS a magickal simple yet so meaningful to him at that time. About halfway in the book I think he makes a few statements about teaching or working within a group or coven that also hit home much like this new book I'm reading.

Wicca, at least this modern day understanding of make it up or do what ya feel like and call it Wicca, for me, is the hardest thing for traditionals to even rationalize much less except or talk about without becoming sick on their stomach. To me, the problem is that most traditional wiccans/witches are over the age of 40 and have a very low tolerance for bullshit or excuses or "fluffy-ness". We are more grounded in our beliefs, more settled financially and did not come up in the digital age with our faces in some cellphone. Our books were by traditional authors and not the insta-pop-wicca you see in bookstores today. We are certainly more open and honest and that has bitten me at times with those who leave or decide its not for them and don't return books that were lent to them....I read a comment the other day from some "teen witch" who went to a festival and felt that the trads were snobby or more guarded, hell I wonder why...

The older one gets, the more their witchcraft matures within them, something witch the younger generation of today will never experience for the most part. It seems at times that know matter how one tries to explain in advance or teach about their circles beliefs or practices that some just don't get it.
I also understand why many of the wiser and older traditionals just simply quit bothering with trying to help or even want their coven to grow. To my knowledge, the original Bricket Wood Coven of Gardner and Valiente fame has not accepted nor taught outside their circle since the late 70's. There is wisdom in age...

For some strange reason while writing this missive, the band Firefalls old song kept playing in my head witch goes a lil like this..."just remember I love you and it will be all right"

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Occult Experience (1985) A CLASSIC!!!


I am reading this book, "Shadows of a Witch", by Shewolf Silver Shadows, and part of this excellent grimoire of all things wiccan and witchcraft deals with the darker aspects of witchcraft and shadow work. The "grey" area of enlightenment where we acknowledge both the light and the dark, the positive and negative within all things, including witches.
Often times <too many times imo>, modern day wicca is perceived as light or fluffy or all smiles and no frown and so on, you are aware of what i'm talking about, lol. For some this is true and if that is the path you wish to trod, then Do What Thou Will by all means. For some, we recognize the balance between forces, we are not perfect and we learn and teach on a daily basis from lessons learned in shadow work and the very bowels of shaman-ism itself.
There are many ways to begin shadow work, each way unique and personal, as all shadow work is. I strongly suggest a firm knowledge on the subject before beginning and an idea of which technique you will use.
This book is an all in one for sure and very large but worth it just for reference alone if anything...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pagan Pride 2014

Savannah Pagan Pride 2014

Savannah Pagan Pride Day 2014 will be held on Saturday, September 27, at the same park it normally is held at. The event is from 12-6pm. We plan on going and anyone that would like to ride with us is more than welcome, please just let us know in advance. The event is free and fun!
Look them up on facebook if you wish

Season's Change, So Why Not We....

There are some much needed and very good idea's for the coming Wiccan year witch we will discuss at our October Full Moon coven meeting at the covenstead on Oct. 11.
Mabon, being our "pagan thanksgiving", has provided a bounty of fresh and innovative idea's witch, if approved, I feel will add to our circles and training.
Change is not always a bad thing, even among the traditional witches, and NO, we ain't going

Friday, September 12, 2014

Please all be in Prayer

One of our own has lost her father. We ask all to pray and keep her in your thoughts at this trying time. Casting our love your way Lady S....