Sunday, February 1, 2015

Listen & Understand if you can

"each day you hear the sands as they moan & whisper
come and sail on my golden sea,
maybe one day you'll be just like me,
and thats free,
but still your chains are on...o my your chains are on.
You've seen them walking on the water
you've seen them flying threw the sky,
they were frightening in the darkness,
o they had rainbows in their eyes...."

Imbolc - A Perfect Day w/ duran duran

Imbolc Blessings

Yes it is such a perfect day here in south Georgia. Lady A and I will celebrate Imbolc by working in the gardens most of day. We have new beds to build, a rabbit pen to finish up, and plenty of leaves to add to compost pile. Our beautiful hens will be out with us keeping us company and with weather in the low 70's today, its just perfect...
Later on we will have our sabbat celebration, and Imbolc being the 1st fire festival of the new year, we will light us a fire in the shade garden followed with a perfect great rite nite <haha>...

Speaking of Imbolc and the changing of the seasons, our "easter egg chicken" hen had stopped laying her green eggs in middle of October and hasn't laid any since, but guess what has appeared this week as if on cue???
Isn't it strange how even nature has a way of teaching us her ways, spring is a coming, time for busy witches to get busy..

On a side note, Duran Duran being Lady A and I's favorite band of all time <seen em 3 times already> I just knew somehow someway we would find a way to include one of their songs in our witchy blog, lol...

Seriously ya'll, have a blessed Imbolc this year and cast your own magick for good, the world needs it...