Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oft asked questions answered

We often get emails from other pagans out there in our area who are interested in our circle and maybe wishes to join one day. As we often find out, many are simply just new to the craft and don't really have the knowledge yet to understand certain key wiccan terms. Lots of questions are always welcome but I wonder if I can't just list a few of the oft asked questions and answer them here so prospective students can have a better understanding of how our coven works and runs. Here goes...

1) We are a traditional-minded coven (think Gardnerian Wicca). YES, we do work skyclad during closed circles. If this offends you, then you are looking at the wrong circle to join.
2) We do have open circles if the need arises, we have no problem with eclectics or any of the newer wiccan fads, we just won't change ours.
3) Although the circle has their own god/dess that we use, you are encouraged to have your own personal deities if you wish.
4) We try and follow the year and a day calender for students but we don't see a need to work off some calender date exclusively.
5) We do have a priest and a priestess. They do not think they are god nor do they act like they are. An initiated witch is the same as any other. We don't do ego's here.
6) We only do one degree and one initiation. I just don't feel I am qualified to tell another what "degree" some witch is. We feel that once the basics are covered and trust is established, initiate and allow the witch to grow on their own. You can't degree experience...
7) If you have body image issues or christian baggage hanging off ya, then you are not ready for traditional witchcraft, sorry...
8) Yes, we laugh a lot in circle, you should to.
9) There is absolutely nothing to worry about, perfect love and perfect trust...
10) Learn the Charge of the Goddess, its a wealth of knowledge...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wiccan? Witch? What?

This is my take on the differences of the two names.
A Wiccan is someone who follows a path that is based upon the Gardnerian tradition in some form, know matter the many changes that have occurred since the original. A Wiccan is a witch and one who practices witchcraft in some form. You cannot claim to be wiccan and not practice witchcraft.
A witch does not have to be wiccan or of any path or set of beliefs. A witch can be of many faiths and practice their craft. In this sense, the word witch is used generically to define one who practices witchcraft.

Now within Wicca itself, I define it as traditional and non-traditional with traditional being based very closely to Gardnerian Wicca and non-traditional meaning more of the newer trads and brands of eclectic wicca.
Although I am traditional, I don't look down upon eclectic's nor do I believe mines better than theirs, etc.

P.S. I also think that if you don't truly know the biggest difference between trad and non-trad then you don't know your Wicca very well, lol...

Summer Solstice Sabbat

Litha will be held at the covenstead this year on Saturday June 21.
We will have a low country boil w/ grilled stuffed jalapeƱo peppers.
Pool and badminton will be open.
Sabbat Rite that night, both indoor and outdoor ritual.
Blessed Be...