Sunday, September 30, 2012

What a beautiful full moon it was and what a wonderful time we had in circle! Yeah I know its time to change the green backdrop cloth, didn't go to well with the red altar cloth, lol..

Initiation into Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

It seems, after the coven voted this past full moon, that an initiation is coming up soon, one dear to our hearts is about to become one of us, the Coven of Aradia.
With all the pomp and ceremony that goes along with a traditional initiation, there still remains the one thing needed witch is personal and spiritual transformation from within and only the witch herself knows if this has truly occurred.
We talk of perfect love and perfect trust, the kind that only comes through ritual within a trad circle. These are learned and felt and comfort comes through time with the witches within the coven you are wishing to join.
Without love and trust, then there is no harmony within circle, the flow isn't there and the magick is for vain. This is where the time as a seeker and neophyte comes in, the time of learning and transformation. Then after all these trials are accomplished can perfect love and perfect trust flow from the circle, and what a powerful feeling it is.
Initiation is simply joining a particular coven you want to join. Its rituals will vary from circle to circle, its requirements, etc etc. We follow a traditional form of wicca so our way is different from the modern versions you read about today, of witch we are very proud of.
The new witch soon to become one with us knows of this love and trust that must be perfect before admittance, she has passed her trials and we welcome her soon, and wish her the very brightest of blessings...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Full Moon is this Saturday, don't forget... Spread a little of your magick around and ask the Goddess to bless us all...

Is this the Season of the Witch?

You often hear it said, and I have been found guilty to, of somehow referring to the fall/samhain as the season of the witch, but why?
While I agree this does seem to be a "witchy" time of the year with Samhain/Halloween and all, but does this make it THE season? Should not every season be felt the same? If not, then what makes the fall so special?
Maybe it has to do with the old witch trials, or maybe its because you hear of witches more so than other times of the year, hell they even on tv shows saying the same thing as others did the year before and beyond that (myself personally, I dont give a rats ass what they think, they will believe their lies anyway)...
However the sabbats were set or why the ones choosen were, we may never really know but to me, they fit the bill nicely and there is a balance of the sabbats with the seasons. Therefore, isnt every season the season of the witch? What if wiccans/witches today actually celebrated the sabbats the same as they do beltaine/samhain? Shouldn't we?
The Season of the Witch is every season because of you, you are the witch and you make the season what it is.
Hell, everytime I hear the phrase I can't get that song out of my head,lol.....

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Charge of the Goddess by Janet Farrar

Simply beautiful. I have said it many times and I will say once again, the true teachings of Wicca are contained in this charge. Anyone who "witches" to learn from me must understand how important and spiritual this is, and to live by its words as best you can.

Doreen Valiente, Mother of Modern Wicca

A 1979 documentary on witchcraft featuring the Grand Lady herself and also Alex Sanders. Very rare footage, hope you enjoy..BB

Laurie Cabot on true Wicca

wise words from a crone indeed....
Wicca, Witch, or Pagan??? The Debate

With all the fuss and discussion going around, it seems, on the meanings and differences of these words, I will attempt to give my 2 cents worth as best I can.
Wicca is a fertility religion, not some nature loving religion. It was founded mostly by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente in the 50's. Wicca is a gathering of several older forms of pagan religions and practices and set into one cohesive form or way. Over the years, eclectic's have crept in and tried to change the religion to make it more "earth friendly" and shy away from the obvious sexual aspects of the religion. This is wrong! Once you change anything of this nature, then it no longer becomes what it was, it becomes something different. This is fine so long as you don't call it Wicca, because it is NOT!
All anyone has to do to discover true wicca is to read the right books and you will notice quickly the differences in traditional wicca and this new stuff they call wicca. The right books are simply those written back in the old days or by those today who still worship in the old ways.
It is my opinion that many "pagans" today have way to much christian baggage that they are still carrying around and many that have these false and negative insecurities about their bodies. For the love of the gods, if you fall in this category, then you need help because you have missed the point of Wicca and are still very very far away from true will.
Witchcraft is a practice that can be performed by anyone with knowledge, regardless of their religious beliefs. You don't have to be wiccan or pagan to perform witchcraft or magick, you only need intent, projection, and will. Wiccans perform magick and practice withcraft, yes, but its not the religion or spiritual beliefs of Wicca. There is a difference. It has always been my belief that a woman will always be a more powerful witch than a man simply because a woman performs witchcraft nearly everyday without even realizing they are doing "it". Never underestimate the true power and magick of the female, never my friends, lol.
The term "pagan" to me is like an adjective in that it describes many ways, mostly eclectic and usually made up as the person goes along. Honestly, before Gardner and Wicca, there was no pagan. There were a few who still followed Crowley and his beliefs, yes, but mostly this modern pagan movement derives mostly from Wicca. I love how these "insta-witches" or pagans talk about their own practices and then you find its mostly wicca with their own brand of stupid thrown in. Of course most of this bunch began as a cunningham or silver ravenwolf "wiccan" and then changed after learning of the fertility aspects of the religion and moved along with their christian baggage and new age junk.
Theres nothing wrong with finding your own way, but realize what wicca truly is and recognize that this new age pagan crap is just watered down wicca for the masses. Sorry but it is what it is. Do what thou will....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Circle wishes to thank Lady C for hosting our Mabon celebration and rite this past Saturday, she did a wonderful job!!!

The Circle and Coven of Aradia will celebrate Samhain at Lady B's house on Saturday, Oct. 27th. We can stay that night if we like if there is too much ummm celebration, witch there will be,lol..

The Coven of Aradia will meet for a full moon rite on Saturday, Sept. 29th at the covenstead. We will also have a coven meeting on Saturday October 13 at the covenstead...BB