Sunday, April 14, 2013

Maybe it's just me, but...

I didn't really get into the whole Fox News vs. Wicca "thingie" from a few weeks ago and I just don't really get into the pagan drama that you read about sometimes and their "witch wars"...just don't get it.
Maybe it's me, but I think we have enough on our plate as it is. I just don't have the time nor desire. I have enough on my plate.
At age 41, I have come to understand that most folks ain't gonna change anyway and they typically do pretty much what they gonna do anyway, soooo what's the point in the arguments? Just agree to disagree and understand that differences in opinion is not cause for hatred or petty jealousies.
We are different, every last one of us. Same with the many forms of wicca today and practices of witchcraft. Being in a coven, you realize that everyone is unique and everyone brings something to the plate. It makes it special, it makes us special. The energy felt within a traditional circle is not something easily explained, its magickal. Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
We will never ever never get christians to understand us nor cease in bashing us. Get over it and if you think otherwise, then you have much to learn. We are wiccan, get over that as well. Leave those people alone and avoid arguing with those who have "ears to hear but do not hear". Wiccans who come out of the broom closet must understand what they are opening themselves up to. Be brave but realize you aint gonna change anyone of their opinions.
I still prefer the secrecy and privacy, but thats just my way. Wicca is a very large tent and you only have to follow your own will, not someone elses!
Which is why our coven has open circles on the Sabbats and not coven-only closed circle rituals. We have our tradition but don't force it. All wiccans should be invited to the Sabbats, regardless of tradition.
 <Although it is funny as hell to me to see "Pagan-only not wiccan" or the "witches-only not wiccan" celebrate the 8 WICCAN>
Anywho, use your magickal energies and time on yourself and loved ones, not on Fox News or other peoples drama. Our magick doesn't work on stupid. Life is just far too precious and far too short. 
Know Thyself

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