Sunday, January 12, 2014

Imbolc Fires and Witch Introspection

As wiccans and witches, we light the fires at Imbolc to herald in the return of spring, of warmth, and of life. We use these "dark" times now to regroup, to rest, and to plan ahead for the coming year, or should. 

As I look back upon 2013, I remember the weather and how it affected several of our coven's sabbat plans and how even the best laid plans can go south. I think of the trials of life that we all must face and how several of us had much to bear on our shoulders with family and sickness and work. There is much out there that can sometimes cause us to stumble, to give up, or to regret.

Life does seem to have a funny way of throwing that curve ball when we least need it. We witches weave our magick and chant our spells in the hopes for a better today and a better tomorrow. We come together to celebrate our sabbats, our love for one another, our trust and faith in our circle.

Yet this wintertime season, I find myself looking at the upcoming year, the things our coven want to accomplish, so I try and plan. We have all of our circle dates established for the upcoming year. We know the festivals we are planning on attending and the classes we want to attend. I feel this year will be a very "inward" year for our circle, with much meditation and knowledge and growth within each other.

We are not planning on any open circles for 2014, except festivals, nor do we plan to take any seekers. We plan on working our tradition and path and becoming stronger and increasing our knowledge by study and practice and magick. We respect everyones path and way of spirituality yet we see no sense in changing ours nor will we.

So take these "dark" times now and rest but use this time wisely. Sow your seeds well and stir thy cauldron frequently.

We exist within ourselves, alone...

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