Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wiccan? Witch? What?

This is my take on the differences of the two names.
A Wiccan is someone who follows a path that is based upon the Gardnerian tradition in some form, know matter the many changes that have occurred since the original. A Wiccan is a witch and one who practices witchcraft in some form. You cannot claim to be wiccan and not practice witchcraft.
A witch does not have to be wiccan or of any path or set of beliefs. A witch can be of many faiths and practice their craft. In this sense, the word witch is used generically to define one who practices witchcraft.

Now within Wicca itself, I define it as traditional and non-traditional with traditional being based very closely to Gardnerian Wicca and non-traditional meaning more of the newer trads and brands of eclectic wicca.
Although I am traditional, I don't look down upon eclectic's nor do I believe mines better than theirs, etc.

P.S. I also think that if you don't truly know the biggest difference between trad and non-trad then you don't know your Wicca very well, lol...

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