Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is this the Season of the Witch?

You often hear it said, and I have been found guilty to, of somehow referring to the fall/samhain as the season of the witch, but why?
While I agree this does seem to be a "witchy" time of the year with Samhain/Halloween and all, but does this make it THE season? Should not every season be felt the same? If not, then what makes the fall so special?
Maybe it has to do with the old witch trials, or maybe its because you hear of witches more so than other times of the year, hell they even on tv shows saying the same thing as others did the year before and beyond that (myself personally, I dont give a rats ass what they think, they will believe their lies anyway)...
However the sabbats were set or why the ones choosen were, we may never really know but to me, they fit the bill nicely and there is a balance of the sabbats with the seasons. Therefore, isnt every season the season of the witch? What if wiccans/witches today actually celebrated the sabbats the same as they do beltaine/samhain? Shouldn't we?
The Season of the Witch is every season because of you, you are the witch and you make the season what it is.
Hell, everytime I hear the phrase I can't get that song out of my head,lol.....

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