Sunday, September 30, 2012

Initiation into Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

It seems, after the coven voted this past full moon, that an initiation is coming up soon, one dear to our hearts is about to become one of us, the Coven of Aradia.
With all the pomp and ceremony that goes along with a traditional initiation, there still remains the one thing needed witch is personal and spiritual transformation from within and only the witch herself knows if this has truly occurred.
We talk of perfect love and perfect trust, the kind that only comes through ritual within a trad circle. These are learned and felt and comfort comes through time with the witches within the coven you are wishing to join.
Without love and trust, then there is no harmony within circle, the flow isn't there and the magick is for vain. This is where the time as a seeker and neophyte comes in, the time of learning and transformation. Then after all these trials are accomplished can perfect love and perfect trust flow from the circle, and what a powerful feeling it is.
Initiation is simply joining a particular coven you want to join. Its rituals will vary from circle to circle, its requirements, etc etc. We follow a traditional form of wicca so our way is different from the modern versions you read about today, of witch we are very proud of.
The new witch soon to become one with us knows of this love and trust that must be perfect before admittance, she has passed her trials and we welcome her soon, and wish her the very brightest of blessings...

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