Saturday, July 4, 2015

Full Circle eh

Simply amazing how some things you find out are like coming full circle. For those that don't know, the images above are of the witches cottage that Gardner's old Bricket Wood coven used for many years at the Five Acres Site (the coven doesn't use the site anymore for meetings btw). Anywho, I was reading earlier this morning and found out that Gardner had actually bought the cottage from a J.S.M. Ward who owned a living history type museum and was friends with Gardner. The first pic above is Mr. Ward inside the cottage while he still owned it at his museum.

Well, the only J.S.M. Ward that I had ever heard of was a famous Freemason who wrote several excellent books on the brotherhood that I own not long after I had been initiated into Freemasonry myself 20 years ago now. So I went researching and found out that they are one and the same. I had already known that Gardner was a Freemason also so I have come full circle in a sense, Wicca and Freemasonry, Gardner and Ward...

The second pic was taken in 2006, still looks beautiful and witchy doncha think?

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