Saturday, July 4, 2015

Never judge a book....

I got this lil old book, published back in 1971, about a year ago or so, I got it mostly cause I thought the artwork was cute. The cheapest I can find this book now is around $55, mainly i think because its long out of print. I got it and never read it, i'm just that far behind in new books i've gotten recently....should be a sin eh, lol.
Never even looked at who wrote it either until the other day when i casually flipped thru it, Kathryn Paulsen. It took a sec but I had seen that name before, been a few years. Ah, I remembered, I had another of her books, actually one of the first books or so i had gotten on the craft (we talking some '93 shit here, that's old, lol)

I purchased this book at a pagan bookstore in Savannah back when i was still in college. It kinda reminds me now of "Mastering Witchcraft" by Paul Huson, another older book thats like a power punch all in one, got a little of everything in it. Well, knowing that I still had the first Paulsen book I had bought years ago and remembering that it is a good informative read, I began with her other book that I had gotten nearly a year ago, just for looks, and discovered that its actually very very witchy indeed. Its magick is a little more on the darker side one would say, but hey, we live in light and well as darkness now don't we.

You see i had gotten the book for 60's style drawings of witches, never realizing the treasure inside, never even paid attention to who even wrote it...shame shame. I would recommend both books any day though. Well, i assume, never judge a book by its cover...BB All on this independence day of ours, this independence is what led to our freedom of religion...

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