Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sacred Prostitute? Sacred Sex

You hear this a lot, maybe have read some on this topic, but is this concept actually sacred or dare I say holy?
We know that this existed in ancient times and even survives a little today, but what exactly was it, exactly? Being wiccan, I understand and believe in sacred sex/sex magick/great rite, but how is prostitution sacred. Honestly I don't feel it is. In my readings/studies, I feel it was more along the lines of profit, probably lining corrupt priests/ess pockets or for the payment of taxes. We know that Roman Caesars would use this idea for their own benefits...

Just because a practice is ancient does not mean it is correct or even remotely sacred...

Most of these women and even men were slaves who may have had no choice anyway, or were prostitutes by profession. We find this topic a lot in the spring rituals of old, kinda like our modern ostara/beltane rites.
Regardless of what it is written today by many pagan authors, women had even less rights back then than they do now, don't be fooled. The religion of Wicca is far more advanced in the ideas of equality than our ancestors, and thankfully so.

Sacred sex though, is another topic altogether and one witch at least traditional wicca embraces because we are a fertility religion, a mystery religion. Call it a nature religion if you want but that smells fluffy to me and always has. The Great Rite is a beautiful ceremony when done in actual with a dedicated/loving/trusting partner. The idea of anything but is not, thats just sex...

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