Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When is diversity too diverse? A Witchvox article from my perspective...

A witchvox article from 25 January by Melantha tells of her struggles to find or join a coven. You see, she recently moved back home and had tried to start a group but the only replies she got back where from 2 ladies with mental issues. She goes on to say she recently got another inquiry from another lady, and guess what, she was as crazy as the others. LOL, bless her heart at least shes trying but then she goes on to discuss "diversity" within Wicca and those that are "normal".

There are those that practice Wicca who do not have 20 or so tattoos or wear pink hair or dress in black all the time. There are those that are not on the mental fringe list and who you would never believe were a witch based on appearance alone, now what a wonderful idea! Cause I fit that bill 100%. I don't care for tattoos on my person, I don't dress in black nor look "witchy". Pretty proud of it too... Yeah, I realize i am in the minority but thats fine by me..

Melantha then goes on to discuss how she is not a lesbian and how when she went to a witch festival she felt out of place somewhat by this feeling that they needed to let everyone know that they were gay in some way, you know what, big fucking deal. I can't stand that shit either. I'm straight but I don't go around hitting on every chick I see nor slobbering over my wife with pda, etc etc etc..

I feel for Melantha, I think a lot of all this has to do with age, shes middle age and has spent years in the craft. I understand the coven problems, most wanna bes just show up and don't do a damn thing in between, nor ask. I read where many of the ol timers eventually just go it on there own back to solitary practice and there is wisdom in this. Why should we give of our time and money and books and knowledge to people who are just not sincere and whos lack of interest speaks volumes..

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