Saturday, January 3, 2015

What to make of January?

This picture, dear ones, is of a rutabaga plant, not ours grant you, because we cannot seem to get our seeds to germinate. We have tried twice now in lots of 18, not one dang seed germinated. Thirty six "tries" and no plant. Even paid dearly for some seeds from some fancy nursery up north, not-ta, zilch, nothing. We bought some earlier in the spring but they were already germinated and a few inches tall and grew up deliciously, but that ain't the point.
While Lady A has way more patience than i do, my pride and ego were bruised more than anything and dang it, i wanted them seeds to work <kinda like a spell we weave>.
Rutabagas love the month of January, thrive in it actually. They will sit in the earth and get fat and become ready for harvest by late spring, yum yum...
January is kinda one of them pause moments in Wicca, we have had our Esbat already and now the rest of this cold and still month lies ahead, time to water our seeds and hope for germination and harvesting in the spring months ahead. Hopefully we all have ideas and dreams that we are planning for, and a lil magick won't hurt either.
 Change is always in the air, all things change, and soon these cold months will pass and we will all reap our harvest soon enough. Patience is a virtue, all good things take time, like rutabagas for example...and my witchcraft.
Plan now while we rest this month, you see that rutabaga coming outta the ground, its almost time, least it is in south Georgia...

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