Monday, March 16, 2015

Some March Updates

Wow does time fly by. We have been busy as usual but thought i'd write and post a few updates to our lil world. We have gotten several new witchy books in and have started them, may post a review or two. Purchased a few new tarot decks that somehow caught my eye and finally finished the new witch runes that I started back in February witch feel and look nice enough for me.
I also started a new pendulum and have ordered a new bloodstone point for it witch should be here sometime this week..may post a pic. This one will be a lil different from others I've made in the past, we shall see...
Ostara is near, day and night are equal, our hens and duck are laying like crazy, the grass is sprouting out and our plants and our beloved bullfrog have shook off hibernation. Outside of the pollen, its a beautiful world out there, even got me a lil suntan today while outdoors in the gardens, Spring is just a few days away and Saturday is our sabbat. We hope all our witchy friends out there have a wonderful Ostara and welcome the rebirth of spring into your lives. Blessed Be all...

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