Saturday, March 21, 2015

Traditional Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft? Ostara Beginnings...


So these are two new books that I will begin with witch takes me into a whole other realm of witchcraft. These aren't about traditional wicca as I practice and believe. These books deal with witchcraft from a more primitive or traditional standpoint regardless of spiritual beliefs. O yes there is a difference.
What i practice and trust in is a form of traditional wicca that believes in a God and a Goddess. We follow the 13 full moons and the 8 witch sabbats of the year. These practices were handed down mostly by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente as a way of combining many paths and beliefs into a coherent system. I find this system works for me and has for many years.
No, I don't go for the more modern new age fluff that is sooo prevalent in todays times. I did not "find" wicca by silly hollywood movies or reading Harry Potter or Twilight crap. Thank the Gods!!! Yea I guess I'm old fashioned when it comes to wicca and I don't have the patience for wanna-be's.
But these books don't question ones beliefs per say, they are about magick, witchcraft, whatever you wanna call it, these books are outside of wicca. This will be new for me. This is like a whole new ballgame, its exciting!
Know one has the right to dictate to you your beliefs or spirituality, and I don't see anything wrong with expanding ones practices. I have found that there is like a whole new set of books on traditional witchcraft out there and many are being published recently. One of my favorite wiccan authors has written a couple of books on this topic as well. Wicca is a religion, witchcraft is a practice - and there are many ways to practice this art. 
So if Ostara is a time of new beginnings, then maybe a different approach to ones practices is a beginning for continued inspiration in this walk of life we all tread...

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