Monday, September 7, 2015

Mabon Ramblings

I read this poem and thought how cute, I will post it on our blog. It also got me to thinking about wiccan correlation's, in this sense, the passing of the oak king to the holly king, the birth of the sun king, and Apollo and Dionysus. Weird eh? Well let me explain my thoughts...
The last line of the poem is what set my thoughts to wandering. At Yule, the Oak King passes his reign over to the Holly King, and its also the traditional birth of the Sun King from the mother Goddess. Also, Apollo left Delphi for the 3 winter months and left control to his brother, Dionysus. Now Dionysus, it appears, had several festivals during the winter months - strange considering him the Lord of the Vine, but also remember that ivy grows all year. Now to me, this is all a big hmmm?

I also consider that it is said that Apollo stands for the rational and Dionysus the irrational, etc etc...could this also have something to do with the seasons, winter being the irrational? Also, the wine would not have been ready till after the summer growing season anywho, so by the time it had fermented, winter would have been upon us. I seriously never have enough time to do all the research that I would love to do...

Living in South Georgia, I have spoken about my view of the Sabbats and our weather here being different from our ancestors from Europe. The Holly King was said to have reigned till midsummer, which is in the middle of June...Well, its dam hot here so for us, by Ostara, winter has normally passed. We hardly ever have a winter that lasts over 3 months, thank goodness, so for us, the Oak Kings reign is longer.

Consider also the birth of the Sun King at Yule, consider how somehow, Dionysus' birth got fixed in December when it wasn't, much like Jesus. Consider how Dionysus is the son of God, born of a virgin mother, thrice born, God of Wine. Death and resurrection....consider.

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