Monday, September 14, 2015

Yea but is it really working?

The other day I was reading an article by a wiccan who was complaining about some pagan "elder". The same ol same ol, this leader wanting control, know it all, drama, etc know the routine. My question was this, why follow or belong to a group with this many problems? This got me to thinking about magick, real world magick, as practiced by many of us. My thought was, is it working? Examine your life in all honesty, is your magick working? What are the signs that they are or aren't? Can you honestly tell if anothers magick is working for them, and if not, why be apart of their world in the first place???

There are hundreds of spellbooks out there with spells for anything you can imagine. Most of us have a few or more...but are they working for you? When I read of some of the drama that seems to come with certain authors of well intended magickal books, I have to ask myself, if this book is so good, then why does it not seem to be working for them? Think about it for a moment, I don't expect elders to be perfect, but I also question one who's life is in total shambles and generally not someone I would want to be around. What good is their magick eh?

Do you cast spells for money and prosperity? If so are you always broke? Then I'd say something ain't working. Do you cast spells for love and peace? If so are you always unlucky in love and more drama in your life than a soap opera? No offense but I would never take any advice on love from a witch thats been married like Elizabeth Taylor or money advice from someone whos always without. Why. cause it ain't working for them...period.

Listen, my advice is to look at the individual as a whole. Do they seem sane and "with it"? Is there life one of usual joy and peace? Are they sucessful in life and love? Yes I'm talking about judging them, yes I'm talking about holding a witch by the standards of witch they preach. A true witch is one who's magick works! Maybe not all the time, but most of the time. Hold them by the standards of The Charge of the Goddess, do they actually meet those standards? Do they live the true life of a wiccan? Listen to the words they speak and you will know their heart. Flee the evil ones, their path is backwards and their life will always be one of utter failure...

None of us are perfect, we all fail from time to time, we all have our days. A true witch will always have more good than bad days because their magick works, their life shows it. Judge a witch by the life they lead, be honest and look at you own witchcraft, and never ever forget that many of the so called leaders from times past led horrible lives and died broke, alone, and worthless. Dont be like them, try and do right in all things and your witchcraft will work! Brightest Blessings All

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