Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lament of Religion or Spirituality

I was reading an article the other day from the Patheos channel and the discussion was on whether or not Wicca was increasing or decreasing as a religion. I really can't tell how anyone could honestly answer the question because so many of today's wiccans are solitary and it's not like we have some roll call where we could actually tell how many we are to begin with. I think the amount of honest, true wiccans are probably the same, I don't think we have grown. It's not the religions fault, no more than it is the christian religions fault that it is losing members, or for that matter spirituality as a whole in this country.

No, I think the problem is not religion, but the people of today's times. We live in a totally different world than we did even 20 years ago. The idea of true parenting disappeared around that time and the result is what we have now, generations with no spirituality at all...but they got a smart phone or some video game console so they think they OK...right... The effects of even 3 generations that have been half-ass ed raised this way is clearly evident, just go to a Wal-Mart if you don't believe me.

I don't really see any religion in this country growing, we live in a godless society fueled by Hollywood and sports entertainment, and this is sad. There is no fix for this either, no revival of spirituality of any kind, this country is too far gone, like most of the rest of this world...the fault is all ours, and what we raised up, or didn't for that matter. For Wicca, I see in the future a return to the broom closet, a more private, spiritual affair for the ones who truly are what they say they are. I think the fluffys will turn somewhere else, and the 90's "do whatever wicca" will finally be a distant horrible memory. The traditional covens will continue as they have in the past and the solitarys will follow more closely to traditional wiccan guidelines.

I've seen my share of wanna-be's, i say good riddance. Now that Lady A and I practice alone, we don't have to deal with all the bullshit that comes with see, a broom closet is a good place to be, we are not hiding our light, we just don't feel like sharing it. We feel many out there have done the same for whatever reason and found the peace that comes from it also. I can't help the loss of this country's spirituality in whatever form, but we will continue to exist as we have with our beliefs in tact. BB

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