Sunday, October 4, 2015

Early October

We had us a nice bonfire last night, the weather was perfect! Danced, drank and had us a good time welcoming in this beautiful Fall and Ga. Southern winning thats cause for celebration any day for me, lol.

For us, the Samhain season is already here, Lady A has been decorating our home and it looks marvelous inside. We love to decorate our home by the season's and she does a great job. Our gardens are doing great with our fall/winter crops coming along nicely, the bok choi and turnips are really taking off and our pumpkins look awesome. I swear I had no idea you could grow brussel sprouts in south Ga. but ours are marching along nicely and god I just eat em raw off the stalk.

Samhain is on a Saturday this year witch is both a blessing and a lil curse. A lil curse cause we will have trick o' treaters till well after 9 cause its a weekend witch means our sabbat will begin late. Well, Samhain is suppose to be at night imo, but I wish we could at least begin earlier and carry on through the nighttime, and o it will...believe that.

 We have spent alot of time this past spring and summer in the shade garden cause this is our focal point when we do outdoor rituals. Our ivy has grown nicely along our tall fence and very soon it will be covered like the rest of the yard. We have laid statues and flower beds, redone the entire shade tent with walls and carpet. Our outdoor lanterns look great when lit in the dark. We keep our witch's ladder hung in the there also and now just use our own chickens and ducks feathers when we use it. We have also transplanted moss into the bare areas and it is spreading nicely into a thick green carpet throughout the shade garden. There is still much to be done to turn it into our vision...

Samhain always seem the most witchy time of the year, from decorations to the fall season to the very air it seems. We hope all are planning their own Samhain circles now and enjoying this most festive time of the year. Brightest blessings always...

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