Sunday, October 11, 2015

Samhain Ramblings

For the witches sabbat of Samhain, we celebrate the passing of our ancestors, the last of the harvests, and the welcoming of the veil when it is the thinnest, when the magick is the greatest. So let the magick flow from you and release all the negativity within. Let your emotions bring the power needed for your Samhain magick, I know we will...

Release your past and all the negative emotions that may haunt you still. You see, people will only fail you, like some prerequisite for living in today's times. Dishonesty, cheaters, liars, fake, you name it. Release all the bad from the past year and pour it out onto your Samhain Sabbat, let it all go. It's the witches New Year, start afresh and learn from any mistakes made from this past year, release any and all that holds you back, do what thou will dammit!

We in our circle release all that has hindered, that has become an untruth, that is simply just a waste of our time. 

Ignorance is bliss...

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