Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where has it gone Charlie Brown?

It is no secret that my path as a witch began as a child on Halloween, it probably has for many of us. I was a young child of the 70's, i lived in a small town where many still decorated and participated in trick or treating, scary houses, decorations, and all the good things that Halloween is suppose to be about. I remember the cartoon Halloween specials, Charlie Brown being my favorite (and still is), and I remember the smell in the air with the changing of the seasons. Halloween was a magickal time back then in the eyes of a child, the dressing up in costumes, the candy and carnivals.

Yet, I drive around my town now and I see very few who still decorate. The people back then who did have either gotten too old, or have died and this younger generation does not take the time to buy candy to give out to others on this one time of the year. We live in the selfish, me culture now and the children of today are the ones who suffer from lack of knowing what Halloween is all about, or at least what it was when I was a child. I wonder how many people who call themsleves wiccan/witch/pagan even pass out candy to youngsters also wanting to enjoy trick or treating as we did so many years ago? I probably would not even want to know...sad really

For over 25 years my family had the halloween stop in my hometown. We decorated, had the scary house, the scary people, the decorations, the candy, you name it... We had generations who brought their kids here because they knew we were safe, fun and also because the parents wanted their kids to experience what they had when they were kids. It was magickal and we enjoyed it, but we had to stop it a few years back. Why. because of very unruly teenagers, unaccompanied by decent parents, profanity, stun guns, the whole crap became sickening to us, ruined it for the smaller kids who wore costumes and whos parents wanted them to come. We still pass out candy, we haven't quit that at least, if only for the small ones, the ones who matter.

It's sad that Halloween has become what it has in America today, sad that this country has degenerated to its present state, our children have no great pumpkin, just some crack houses down the block and they probably ain't passing out candy, least not the kind suitable...

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